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Many people have been asking about the chibi(superdeformed) Blizzard character designs I've just started uploading. These designs are part of a series that I created for Blizzard that will be used for a variety of purposes by the company in the future.

I also made a gallery folder where you can find all of the released designs in one place: Cute But Deadly

Enjoy everyone!! Game just dropped tonight!!

Hear me now, Oh digital painters!

Our team over here in Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment, are scouring the globe for one more bad-ass piece to the puzzle. We're looking for a mega-talented individual to join our team. You'd be joining Glenn Rane, Laurel (LD) Austin and myself in helping to create truly epic illustration artwork for all of Blizzard's games. The position is full-time, and I can personally attest to how much fun we have here on a daily basis. The atmosphere is lighthearted. Daily injections of hijinks ensue with a side order of shenanigans, while the people are friendly, high spirited artists bent on world domination…or at least the continued pursuit of creating fantastic art!

So if you are a well-qualified individual, meeting the requirements described in the link below, please apply!!

You are welcome to post links to your online portfolios here, but please also go through the official channels and apply through Blizzard Entertainment's website portal which should also be found in the link below.…
Since Wondercon and even during the show, I've been drawing free sketches in the back of my Art of NorseChowder sketchbooks as I sell them. So in addition to learning ZBrush better all month in April, I'll be drawing non-stop to prepare for Spectrum Live in May, all the while building up content for my next sketchbook which I plan to release later this year.

So far this art has piled up, and I plan to release a ton of these sketches online soon. After I get the bulk of the requests done, anyway.

So keep you eyes peeled for a pretty big update (for me anyway) sometime this month.


Say Whaaaaat???!?!!

Even THIS GUY has an art book now?? jeez...…

Cheers, and a quick note as well, there's tons of art to be found in the book that has never been featured at any of my online spaces.


A few months ago I submitted the forms to exhibit at a few shows. I heard pretty quickly that I got a table at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, but I didn't hear back right away on any of the others. So I waited and had pretty much given up hope on them until just now, when I got confirmation that I DID in fact secure a table at Wonderon! So it seems like I will indeed have a table in at least 2 shows this year!!!!

Hope to meet a ton of great people there!!!


The full art for patch 5.2 is coming soon.....
Hey everybody,

So this Saturday, somewhere in LA (I am lacking any sense of geography atm but I'll have a link below) there's going to be a launch event for the Art of Blizzard book. There will be live painting demos by myself and a select few of my awesome coworkers, as well as a variety of other amazing Blizzard art on display. There will also be to tons of games and activities going on.

I also think it's free if you show up in costume, though I might be wrong...although it is only $5 at the door.

Anyway, all are welcome. Come on by and say hi!!!

I've been playing around with a ASUS Eee Slate EP121-1A010M 12.1-Inch Tablet PC lately, and honestly, for artists, this thing blows the iPad away and puts any pressure sensitive 3rd party pen to shame...

Sketchbook Pro is amazing so far but I'm hoping photoshop holds up as well.....
On Monday I finally received my Hex3 JaJa stylus in the mail. I had been waiting since their Kickstarter finished up in March to get it and try it out.

After using it for a couple of days, I can say that without a doubt IT WORKS.

I've dabbled with it using ProCreate, ArtStudio and SketchbookPro on my iPad, and though some software utilizes its pressure sensitivity better than others, I can finally say that in my mind at least, the iPad with the JaJa stylus can now be used as a legitimate painting and drawing tool...

...Not so much for high end finished work purposes, but for roughing out ideas it's perfect.


Here's a link to Hex3's Website in case anyone is curious. It's supposed to be released to the public VERY SOON.....
Truly Epic!!!! My Art Sensei Glenn Rane is doing all of the art for this thing....everybody come out and support him and his incredible project!!!……
......playing Diablo 3 until further notice......
Working on it now.....hope to have it up by the end of the weekend.....stay tuned.


UPDATE:  I've been pretty busy this weekend, so I haven't had enough time to finish. Expect it either Monday or Tuesday night now...-JP-

UPDATE 2: After getting some really eye-opening feedback, I am pushing this off until later this week..... -JP-

UPDATE 3: I've pretty much taken the week off from creating art at home after work.....which has been relaxing for a change. So I thusly plan to resume my daily regime Friday night...... -JP-
If there are any Diablo fans out there that haven't realized it yet, the Book of Cain has finally released, to massively great reviews and a hugely positive fan reaction. It's an incredible book, worth buying not just for fans of Diablo, but fantasy and art fans in general. I don't think Blizzard has ever made a cooler book, especially one that feels so much like the "artifact" it's meant to be, and for like $22 on amazon, it might be the best deal ever for what you get.

Being involved in the project from its early stages, I can say honestly that there are a few people that I work with that deserve so much credit for its coolness, it's jus' reediculuuss!!!! Call outs to Jeremy Cranford, Glenn Rane, and Doug Alexander Gregory, as well as the writing and lore teams, hell, all of Cdev and the Diablo team for some serious badassedness in the execution of the greatest companion book ever. Jeremy in particular, in case many people didn't know, is directly responsible for recruiting the incredible talent that filled the book's pages with amazingly beautiful artwork.

For my part, which consisted of creating most of the conceptual work needed for the characters portrayed in the book, as well as the map trim on the printed map included with the book, I count myself so unbelievably lucky to have been a part of it. The project brought out the best in me and my art, and I mourn the fact that the concepts I created over a period of like 2 months this year will probably never be viewable to anyone outside of Blizzard for the foreseeable future. And to be totally honest, I believe it's my best work ever.

Oh well. ;) Enjoy the book, everyone!!! You won't be disappointed.


So, this past weekend I went to the CTN Expo in Burbank. One thing that happened is that I came to the reinforced and recurring realization once again that I should be working on art outside of Blizzard on my own time. Seeing as how I do that already, the only thing stopping me from posting any of it is that anything I create for myself can't be safely revealed on the, to remedy this situation, I have decided to focus for the time being on creating badass fanart of the characters that I love.

I've decided to start with a character that I think is the perfect showpiece for displaying what I can do artistically without it looking too much like Blizzard art. There's nothing wrong with Blizzard art, but it's not mine. ;)

Meaning, it's not my preferred style. Like most artists that work for large successful companies, over time I have adapted to absorb the house style. But while I find my work at Blizzard both challenging AND fun, my portfolio that I've built while working there doesn't accurately portray how I naturally like to draw and paint.

So, my next original piece, that I'm working on now, will be up and available very soon and hopefully will allow me to visually determine the "look" of MY own art from this point on.

You see another thing I learned this weekend is that if you want to be top tier, you need to be bigger than the job. And while I have no intention of leaving Blizzard, I am going to enjoy the hell out of "playing" with other characters outside the Blizzard Pantheon.

Stay tuned!!!

I've had quite a few people ask me a lot of questions here these past few days, so I figured I'd post some answers here, rather than respond to every message and comment. But first I'll start with a mini bio since that gets a lot of the "where did you come from" questions out of the way.

I've been an artist for a long time. According to my mom I was drawing almost before I could speak, apparently. Early on, I went through phases of drawing all sorts of things, but I always ended up using my imagination as inspiration. From dinosaurs and comic strips, to designing cars and even shoes when I was a young kid, I always wanted to draw stuff that reality had not yet shown me.

It wasn't until I went to high school that I realized comic books existed.  At 14, comics were the first thing I had ever encountered that really gave me the idea that being an artist could actually be a job. Of course, I played tons of video games as well, but back in the SNES/Genesis days, pixel art seemed pretty disconnected from the act of drawing on paper. Anyway, I spent a few years drawing comics, and going to shows and getting critiques from Pros. I was still a kid though, and my parents seemed intent on sending me to college. So, I honed my abilities, and applied to a few art schools on the east coast, and even CalArts on the west coast. RISD, MICA, SCoA, CalArts, I got into all of them, but due to circumstance, and my desire to live in NYC, the east coast comic mecca, I decided on Pratt Institute College of Art in Brooklyn. Because I got accepted early, the guidance counselor dude (forget his actual title) told me and my parents that it would probably be a good idea to enroll in some painting classes, since I'd never tried color before in my life. So that summer between 11th and 12th grade, I took a plein aire painting class every day for a few weeks. It was just acrylic, but I learned a lot about mixing paint.

When I jumped into college the following summer, I worked harder than I ever worked before, and lost tons of sleep, in between having my first roommate try to kill me, and having someone deface my art. For the record, I'm not a douche. As the years went on, I jumped majors several times, trying to find what kind of art I wanted to do, all the time, doubting whether or not the school was the right choice. Almost none of my professors had any kind of passion or desire to teach, so it wasn't really the best learning environment. Then in 1998, I discovered Photoshop 4.0. There were zero classes on it, but I taught myself, using a mouse only, how to crudely paint my own drawings. They truly sucked. And they continued to suck throughout the rest of my college experience. I graduated in a haze, having not really learned much at all. As I said, there were no photoshop classes, and none of my professors would even let me use it for assignments. There were also no figure drawing classes outside of freshman year, and no anatomy classes whatsoever. As i said, I learned little.

After school, I spent time trying to get hired for first comic books, and then video games. For a year and a half I had nothing happen, outside of nibbles and potentials that went nowhere. I even applied to Blizzard several times, to no avail. My portfolio was seriously lacking, and after a $200,000 art education, I felt a bit discouraged, until I decided to start learning again, and really teach myself. I went to Barnes and Noble, and purchased books on Photoshop, Maya and Max, and spent months really learning. After a few months, I had built a portfolio that was good enough (still totally sucked) to get a few looks from employers, and I eventually got my first industry job, as a 2d Artist for Konami in Hawaii.

Hawaii was 3000 miles from home, LITERALLY, but I went. The money really sucked--I got 19k a year, with 800 a month going to rent. Do the math, I was well below the poverty line. It didn't matter though. I was making games, and making art!! It didn't matter that the games were shovelware, and it didn't matter that I almost starved. In the end, in less than 3 years, I helped make 4 Frogger games, 1 Yugioh game, 1 Ys game, and 2 DDR games, playing the role of pixel artist and animator, texture artist and modeler, and eventually concept and character artist.

But Konami was pretty horrible to us. The pay sucked, and the 7 day weeks, 15 hour days were beyond rough. So  I started to mull my options. One of my best friends, Pat Burke (who also 2 years ago joined the WoW Dungeon team) had then told me a friend of his, a Mr. Jimmy Lo, (also a good friend nowadays) worked on World of Warcraft, and I thought maybe it was time I applied again. So I again spent a few months honing my portfolio and getting some more relevant art together to apply. Jimmy had told me that building my portfolio to Blizzard's standards and style were key to getting hired, so I did that. I applied and very quickly I got a response, and in the end I got hired as a Character artist on World of Warcraft.

Getting into Blizzard made my life. I'd never been around so much talent before, particularly artists, and the desire to improve is something that is just seriously ingrained in the DNA of the company. The character art team on WoW in particular was filled top to bottom with the most incredible range of artists, and in my mind nearly all of them are still better than me. I spent nearly 3 years working side by side with them, making weapons, armor and creatures for The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.

All the while though, I had been working on trading cards for the WoW TCG, in order to improve my painting skill, which while better than before after years of industry experience, still totally sucked. It was 2008, and at 30, I still never learned to paint, lol. I just basically colored my line drawings without the knowledge of why I was making the painting choices I did. Then, Glenn Rane posted an internal listing for a Creative Development Illustration position. I had met Glenn several times before, and he knew I was interested in full time illustration work, but I had no idea I had any chance in hell of landing the gig.

Well, after an art test, which Blizzard is prone to do with everybody, btw, I got the job, and started in CDev in January 2009. Very quickly, Glenn realized how green I was....I had gotten to the point of being hired as a house illustrator without ever knowing how to paint.....HAH. He then began to teach me, and like the Renaissance Masters and their Apprentices, eventually I started to pick things up, and make more conscious decisions about color temperature, composition, anatomy, posing, form, lighting, and especially Value.

Anyway, I've worked as an Illustrator for Blizzard for almost 3 years now, and I am finally starting to feel comfortable that maybe some of my art doesn't totally suck, and it is 100% thanks to my sensei, Glenn Rane. The man is an art god, and even though it never should have been his job to have to teach me how to paint, he has helped me year after year, until now I can finally say I am able to make art that I don't hate. Honorable mention to Wei Wang as well. You can't help but be inspired by that man's art, and sitting next to him these past few years has without a doubt, given me something to shoot for in terms of excellence.

So thanks for reading if you've gotten this far. You know, I've never put my bio onto (virtual) paper before, and I've got to say, it's a bit therapeutic. FYI, I am always up for chatting about art, and I love a good critique, so feel free to contact me for feedback. I can't guarantee, though, that I'll get back to everybody that messages me, however.


Firstly, I have been bombarded with requests for usage of my art images since I started posting them here last night. To be clear, just about everything I plan to ever post here will belong to Blizzard Entertainment, so I cannot give you permission to use them, since they're not mine to give. ;)

I can however tell you that any art you see here, or any other official Blizzard art you find on the web can be used IF you get permission from Blizzard Entertainment, by asking them directly at

Secondly, I will be denying all usage requests from this point on. Remember it's never personal, it's just, as I said before, these images are not my property.